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You are invited to join us in a 12 week challenge to get residents of the greater BALTIMORE community to lose weight!

As a participant, you will work on your own to lose the weight, but we’ll provide support along the way:

  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Weekly eNewsletter
  • Closed group page on Facebook with unlimited access to our coaches
  • Group workout opportunities
  • Fun ideas to get out and moving around Baltimore County
  • Injury prevention
  • Nutrition resources
  • Prize incentives along the way!

Cost: $50  
*You will earn this back and MORE in prizes and incentives if you stick with the program!

 How to earn your $50 back: 

  • Receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Fleet Feet Sports once you complete 8 weekly weigh-ins AND lose 2% of your body weight. (eg, a 200lb person has to lose 4lbs)
  • Receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Fleet Feet Sports if you lose at least 5% of your body weight at your final weigh-in. (eg, a 200lb person has to lose 10lbs)

PLUS... receive good, better and and even better prizes when you reach one of our RACE CLUBS:

  • 5K Club (3.1lbs in weight loss) - a good prize
  • 10K Club (6.2lbs in weight loss) - a better prize
  • Half Marathon Club (13.1lbs in weight loss) - an even better prize
  • Marathon Club (26.2lbs in weight loss) - a really super cool prize
  • Ultra Club (any weight loss 26.3lbs or more) - the very bestest of prizes... and a well-earned pat on the back! 

 Are You Ready To Commit?

Sign-up in person at Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore. Once you register, you'll start receiving our weekly email with more information, including how to sign on to our closed Facebook group page.

Then, mark your calendars for Saturday, January 4th. Stop by the store for our kickoff party, from 9am-5pm. Come prepared to have your first official weigh-in! (Relax... all weigh-ins will be done privately in one of our dressing rooms... and your actual weight will NEVER be revealed to others.) 

*If you are unable to make it on Saturday, January 4th don't worry - weigh-ins can be done any day during the week. Just be sure you pick 1-day - you cannot weigh-in more than once each week!
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