Who Inspires YOU?


Who inspires you? Who - through their words, their actions, their determination -
inspires you to get moving? 

To go further? To push harder? To give it that little extra?

We know there are so many of you in our very own local community who inspire so many around you to not only be better runners and walkers, 
but to be better people. And we want to hear about YOU. 

Tell us their story. Tell us why they inspire you. 

Tell us how they inspire you. Get us inspired too!! (We love being inspired!)

Let's push through the clutter of negativity. 
The clutter of sad stories, disappointing stories, hurtful stories 
and let's fill the world with stories of YOU.

The amazing people who work hard, live determined and 

ignite fires in those all around you.



 (Nomination process ends August 31st - don't delay!)

 Remember the awesome stories of those who INSPIRED us last year:

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