For more than 100 years, the Boston Marathon has given many people a sense of joy, accomplishment, resolve and victory. The finish line symbolizes the culmination of weeks, months and even years of hard work and dedication. But on Monday, April 15, an unknown entity attempted to strike down that happiness, and strip away that sense of accomplishment from runners, their families, and their friends.

Mere words cannot possibly relay our sadness, heartache and anger in response to these events.  But we will not let the acts of a few take away our passion.  This is a time for the Fleet Feet Sports community to come together and be resilient.  Our brand manifesto speaks to who we are and how we will respond.  We trample down walls.  We bring a nation to their feet. We ignite hearts and inspire emotion.  And we are unstoppable.   We invite you to be UNSTOPPABLE with us.

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