Water and Your Body

Ten Things Thursday: Water & Your Body

By Vishal Patel          

Consuming an adequate amount of water every day can serve many roles in keeping your body functioning properly. Here at the top 10 things that water does to keep your body healthy and functioning:


Nuunbassador Kevin always keeps a bottle of water and a Nuun tab by his side to make sure he stays hydrated

10 Roles Water plays in Your Body

1.     Lubricates joints & cushions organs and tissues

2.     Helps digest food – through saliva, water helps absorb nutrients

3.     Transports Glucose, Oxygen, Fats and other nutrients to working muscles

4.     Muscle Glycogen contains a significant amount of water

5.     Diverts metabolic by-products (CO2 + Lactic Acid)

6.     Eliminates waste through urine

7.     Releases heat through sweat

8.     Serves as a coolant in extreme weather conditions

9.     2/3 of your BODY is Water!

10.  You Can’t Live Without It! Well sort of, you can go about three days without water.

 The easiest way start taking the right steps towards a healthy lifestyle is just to simply drink more water. Consider replacing sugary soft drinks and fruit juices, with plain water, or try Nuun Tablets! Before and after a long run, make the most of your water by adding Nuun to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat.  It will not only help you hydrate successfully, but will save you lots of unwanted or needed calories!

Come in and try out different flavors to find out which ones work the best for you!

Karen :)



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