'Twas the Week Before Christmas/Hanukkah SALES!

7 Days of Holiday Deals - Begins Sunday



It's almost time for a favorite Fleet Feet holiday tradition - 

Our version (Special thanks to Fleet Feet Hartford)

of Clement Clarke Moore's poem

'Twas the Night Before Christmas 

to announce our 

7 Days of Deals 

to help you finish your holiday shopping.


The fun begins this Sunday and ends on Saturday, December 24. Each stanza features a

special deal that is only valid for one day.  The deals are in chronological order with the first

stanza announcing Sunday's deal, the second stanza describing Monday's deal, and so on.  

We hope that you will enjoy the poem. - and the deals!


'Twas the week before Christmas & Hanukkah, (SUN. 12/18)

when all through the store

Sprightly staffers were busy, stocking shoes galore.

The hats & gloves all hung by the counter, ready for sale,

Buy one, get one half off, as cold weather is bound to avail.


There runners were gathered all in the street (MON. 12/19)

excited for savings on gear from Fleet Feet.

They walked through the door, were greeted with a smile

And offered 25% off jackets/vests- gotta run in style!


Then out of the fitting room there arose such a clatter (TUES.12/20)

I sprang from the bench to see what was the matter

A customer trying on tights/pants exclaimed, "I'll take them all!"

Buy one get one half off, this is way better than the mall.


As I shopped for my family, including myself (WED. 12/21)

I feel someone watching me - it's Sneakers the Elf!

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Buy one get one half off TOPS - deal of the year!


Feeling warm and cozy in the new jacket I wore (THURS. 12/22)

I strolled through the store and discovered even more

Buy one get one half off undies and socks

So cool, they even added a nice gift box!


With socks in hand I glimpse 'round the corner (FRI. 12/23)

to spy Jeremy wincing atop a foam roller

"Come join me, and work out those kinks.

Massage tools are all 20% off", he winks.


"Why, thank you," I say as I joined him on the floor (SAT. 12/24)

"But it's really my calves that ache when I run, they're so sore".

"Compression socks or sleeves are what you seek." he say.

"Buy one pair get one half off, just for today."


I paid for my items, under budget - I was ecstatic 

I got everything on my list, I'm a Fleet Feet Fanatic

The staffers said, "Happy Holidays to all and to all a safe run

Thank you for shopping at Fleet Feet, hope you had fun!"


Season's greetings to you and yours!


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