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The days are getting shorter, and if you run or walk in the morning, your workouts are probably starting in the dark. The goes for running after work or school.  It gets dark by 5pm!  Additionally, lights and reflectivity worn on the arms, hands or feet are more easily recognizable by drivers as pedestrians.
Nighttime Visibility Tips for Runners - Fire Up Your Run
Nighttime Visibility Tips for Runners - Fire Up Your Run
 Did you know that drivers can see pedestrians from up to 6X farther away when wearing proper visibility gear?
For dark morning and evening runswe recommend having at least two pieces of reflectivity or "active" visibility such as a headlamp or flashlight. It's crazy... but just having a reflective vest during this time of year is really NOT enough.  Cars and yes... even other runners cannot see you before it may be too late.
Here are some products that can help you seen and be seen:


Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch: a new active 

visibility option for those who don't like to run with a headlamp.


Quickly and securely attaches to heel of your shoe.Super lightweight so you don't feel a thing

Amphipod Vizlet LED:
.Wear on shorts/waistband, hydration belt, pack/bag strap, shirt sleeve/collar, vest, caps/hats and more. 

Knuckle Lights work great for not only running... but also for walking your dog or just out for a walk.  They come with 2 in each packet.  One for you... and one for a friend.  


Nathan HyperBrite Strobe: Small, but mighty This is Nathan's smallest and most powerful LED strobe.Clips anywhere and provides a high level of visibility.

Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light: Super bright white dual high-intensity LED clip light. Fastens directly to cap or visor brim for ultra-minimalist visibility.
Nathan Bandolier Vest: Slim, minimal design offers full range of motion without interrupting arm swing. 360 degrees of reflectivity. Zippered pocket for small storage such as cash, id and keys.







Amphipod Zinglets have been a go to for us for many years with 360 degree reflectivity and also a nice, roomy pocket!


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