Keep the BOUNCE in YOUR STEP!!




Did you know that a pair of D-cup breasts can weigh between 15-23 pounds? 


Combine that with the up-down, side-to-side and figure-8 movements of the breast during exercise and you can understand why more than 50% of women experience breast pain when exercising. All that excess movement strains the Cooper ligaments which can lead to premature sagging and back problems, not to mention the chafing that makes showering not so fun after a workout.


Don't let your girls down as you work towards your fitness goals, give them extra support with a new high-quality sports bra that actually controls movement, enhances shape, improves your posture and wicks moisture. Stay away from pseudo sports bras that pretend to offer support via smooshing and are made from cheap material that can exacerbate the wiggle and jiggle.


To test your sports bra's supportability, hold the bra in your hand (cup size down) and place a 5 pound weighted ball in one of the cups. A good bra will have minimal stretch downwards, whereas a low-quality bra (or one that's seen too many washes) can stretch up to 6".



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