It's Time - Running Friendships

Running Friendships:

Isn't it TIME that you took a look at what a running/walking friendship could look like?  You KNOW you want to... You know it's TIME to do something for yourself ...

It's always at this time of year when one year is over and a fresh new one is beginning that I think of all the people I have met through running.  Running mates are some of the truest friends around. They more than just know you - they understand you, especially your needing to run in circles until your Garmin registers the exact mileage you planned to run (because 9.92 miles doesn't count as a 10 miler) or how you need to re-tie your shoes eight times before achieving the perfect tightness or even that they have to let you have the inside track because you spit left... disgusting as that seems ... but THEY just know me!

They don't find it gross when you blow your nose in your shirt, share their Gu and stand lookout when you take a potty break in the woods. They laugh compassionately when you wipe out on the trail and will suggest a walk break because "they are tired" when you are the one huffing and puffing excessively. They see you on your good days...and your bad. They don't let you quit. They strengthen the armor that helps you battle whatever life throws at you.  Isn't it TIME to find some friends like that?

Sometimes your running mate is someone you've known for years; other times they are a complete stranger that you randomly encountered on a training run or in a race. Sometimes you engage in lively conversation; sometimes not a word passes between you, but you find comfort in the knowing nod of their head or by falling into rhythmic sync with them.

Even if you enter a race by yourself, you are not alone. You are surrounded by people just like you. People who worked hard to get to that start line. People who trained through the heat and humidity of summer, sacrificed sleep and social outings to train and learned to embrace energy gels, beans and chia seeds. These are the people of your tribe, bound by the shoelaces in our sneakers.  

Isn't it time for you to find the support you have wanted for  you to gear up for a race day or even a longer run/walk than you have ever done before?  When you join a Fleet Feet Baltimore team ... remember that you will have the support of the whole running community behind you. Never underestimate the power of a friendly nod, pat on the back or friendly word to a struggling runner - they soon may be repaying the favor to you. Remember to take a moment to look at the beauty about you, appreciate the ability to run and soak up the cheers from the folks on the sidelines that you are inspiring.

Most importantly, you will find the power of these running/walking friendships to channel the energy around you and turn it into relentless forward motion.  Right foot. Left foot. Right foot.  Repeat. Over and over until you reach the finish line. Believe in yourself.  Isn't it TIME to find out what it's like? 


Sure it is .... You got this!   GO YOU .... 2016!!

Call us and find more about our Sunday Runday Training starting January 31 ... This might just be the TIME to join up! 


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