Garmin's New Watches Have Arrived!!

Garmin's New Watches Have Arrived!

Forerunner 230 & 235  

Stay on pace for your next personal record with Forerunner 230 & 235, GPS and GLONASS running watch with smart features which make this a sleek upgrade to the old Garmin 220. Its built-in activity tracker keeps recording steps, even when you’re not running. Pair your watch with a compatible phone for connected features such as automatic uploads to your Garmin Connect™ account, smart notifications, audio prompts and live tracking. You can also download customizable watch faces and applications from our Connect IQ™ store. HR data such as heart rate, heart rate zone and VO2 max estimate allows you to train more effectively. For more challenging runs, download advanced workouts and training plans to your watch from Garmin Connect. 

The Forerunner 235 model includes everything on the FR-230 with the addition of WRIST-BASED Heart Rate - no chest strap needed!  This model just arrived in the store in limited quantities!

Customize your Forerunner 230/235 by downloading widgets and applications as well as workouts and training plans directly to your device. Easily track activities and progress via charts, graphs, and maps with the online Garmin Connect network. Next time you are ready for a run use your Forerunner 230/235 app's wireless connectivity links to receive current weather conditions, forecasts and smart notifications right on your device. 


Forerunner 630 

Forerunner 630 has all the numbers to measure a runner's performance. The touchscreen GPS running
watch features advanced running dynamics, extended physiological measurements
and extensive smart features. The 630 also measures your heart to provide a stress
score, performance condition and lactate threshold. Pairing with an HRM-Run™
monitor also enables advanced running dynamics: ground contact time balance, vertical
ratio and real-time stride length. Smart features include e-mail, text, call and calendar
smart notifications and Connect IQ™ store applications, watch faces, widgets and
data fields. Additional connected features include automatic uploads to your Garmin
Connect™account, audio prompts and live tracking.

  • Touchscreen GPS running watch with a high resolution color display 
  • Advanced running dynamics include ground contact time balance, stride length and vertical ratio
  • Features stress score, performance conditions and lactate threshold
  • Connected features automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, audio prompts, music controls, smart notifications and social media sharing
  • Download data fields, watch faces, widgets and applications from Connect IQ
A sleek update of the Forerunner 620, the Forerunner 630 is now available in two colors, black and white and midnight blue.

The Forerunner 630 is more advance that the Forerunner 230, using extended physiological metrics to help you get the most out of your workouts and feel confident with what you can accomplish when you toe the line. Once Forerunner 630 learns your lactate threshold through a guided test, you can apply it to your heart rate training when setting up zones. Overall training load, sleep, nutrition and general life stress play a role in how you will perform in a tough workout. To give you a better idea of what days you should aim for a tough workout or use as a recovery day, Forerunner 630 provides you with a stress score based off your heart rate.

Performance condition is another feature that gives you an idea of how you will fare in a workout. As you run, this feature analyzes your pace, heart race variability to make a real-time assessment of your ability to perform. When planning a strategy for your next race, Forerunner 630 measures your VO2 max and can predict your race times for several distances, providing you with a time target. It also lets you know when to back off your training after a grueling workout or race with its built-in recovery advisor. 
We still have a few Garmin 15's and 225's in the store at reduced prices.  Nothing wrong with these watches... they work great!  These watches have full warranties, but with the SALE prices ... the watches are a FINAL SALE!

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