Fuel the Run!


Plan ahead with these nutrition tips before and during your run to give you the fuel to hit your paces and enjoy your long run. 

What you eat before you head out on the road can have a huge impact on your ability to hit your paces and enjoy your run. It's important to experiment with lots of different products, flavors, and varieties of foods to figure out what gives you a boost without upsetting your stomach. Here's what you need to know about fueling up for your next run.

Focus on Carbs

Before your run, stick to high-carb, low-fat, and low-fiber foods. Carbs are your body's preferred source of energy; they're the macronutrient your body can most quickly turn into energy. Because fat and fiber take much longer to digest, they can upset your stomach. There are plenty of packaged foods— sports bars, energy gels, and sports drinks—which are engineered to energize you on the road without upsetting your stomach. But whole foods can also be a good source of energy. Bananas, steel-cut oats, pancakes, cereal, yogurt, pretzels, whole-grain waffles, peanut butter and banana sandwich all make great pre-run meals.


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