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For 41 years, Fleet Feet Sports has provided our customers with inspiration, information, and know-how when it comes to running and fitness.
Those four decades of experience and expertise have led to an exciting moment for us, and how we're able to arrive at solutions for you.
 Introducing fit id—a 3D scanning experience that only happens at Fleet Feet Sports.


It's an exciting time for running retail.

Today we're officially announcing the introduction of a new 3D scanning technology into our in-store experience at Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore.

The device is called fit id™. fit id creates a three dimensional scan of a person’s feet and provides specific measurements including foot width, length, and arch height. The scan takes five seconds to complete and appears on an in-store tablet, allowing the fit specialist to review, discuss observations, and find solutions together with the customer.

“fit id brings our staff knowledge to life and allows our customers the chance to see what the fit specialists see when they’re assessing the foot,” says Joey Pointer, CEO of Fleet Feet Sports. “Together with the expert advice of our highly-trained staff and the premium products stores carry, fit id helps create a powerful in-store experience for customers that they can’t get anywhere else.”

In addition to appearing on a tablet for review, the customer receives the 3D scan via email. Customers can get rescanned on future visits so Fleet Feet Sports staff can discuss any changes in measurements.


But for us at Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore, it's more than just data.

"fit id is about trust. We want to build trust with the customer. We want to give them information they’ve never seen before. They’re getting their measurements delivered to them and seeing the most vital piece of equipment in running through technology and not based on fashion and color. It has the ability to give the customer information they never knew existed.", said Zimmer.

With the introduction of fit id, we plan to replace the Brannock device entirely during our fit process. Why? The answer is simple.

"Both devices give you measurements. That’s about where the comparison ends.  The first prototype of the Brannock device was introduced almost 100 years ago. The 3D imaging that we are doing is state of the art. Simply put, The 3D imaging gives us three dimensions to look at, the Brannock device simply does not."


fit id provides a full scan of your feet in five seconds, measuring everything that matters.



Together, we review your interactive scan and talk about what it means.



Using your scan and our expertise, we customize fit solutions for you to try, buy, and love.

Come on in soon and check it out... Fit Id Scanning ... ONLY AT FLEET FEET SPORTS!!


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