Cold, colder, coldest!

Cold, Colder, Coldest – Winter Running Guide

Running in the winter can be a daunting task, especially TODAY... as I hear the wind blowing and the temp outside says 0 ... YES... 0 ... So I’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the season! (Thank you Fleet Feet Chicago for some of these pics and ideas... THEY definitely KNOW cold!)

1) Dress for Success

Our staff are just as adept at fitting you for apparel as they are shoes. Some things to think about before talking to someone about the gear you should be wearing are:

Do I tend to feel hot or cold?

Will I be running in low light conditions?

What temperatures am I willing to run in?

What pieces do I have at home that I can use this season?

You should also do a bit of research. Jenny B., a running apparel expert put together a number of blogs on the specific components of winter running apparel for the Chicago area. Next come by the store to try some things on!  We have some of the jackets and base layers mentioned... but we definitely have the technology in many different types of jackets and/or layers available.  Stop in soon... to be warm and cozy ...THIS winter is just beginning!

2) Partner Up

Run with someone else or better yet, a lot of someone elses! We have a lot of opportunities with our weekly Fun Runs @ 6pm on Tuesday and Thursdays to meet other runners. If you’re training for something over the winter, you should consider our Spring Half Marathon Training program or the programs we offer like Ton of Fun beginning on January 11!

3) Plan Ahead

Bring along your ID (ALWAYS), your cell phone and some cash.

Plan your route ahead of time around things like lighting, footing, bathrooms, and hydration! Many times we need to run along the street, so it is doubly important to run/walk in reflection and bright colors.  WHITE will NOT do. 

Start all runs into the wind or you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise on your way home. It may also make sense to do small loops if you’re concerned about the conditions.  Running up and down Greenetree tends to be an out and back wind/no wind type run!

4) Relax and Enjoy the Experience

This goes for running in all conditions. It might seem like an inconvenience if you have to alter your running plans because of the weather. Don’t sweat it too much. I usually try to run for time instead of distance particularly if the footing is bad. This ensures I get the same volume of training without getting stressed out about mileage.  And... YOU have done it... gotten out and about in the elements... Just be careful and know you have probably burned off more calories even walking than staying prone on the couch!

Find that thing that gets you out the door. For me it is my orange running jacket. I wear it to take the edge of the cold, and to be visible on my runs. Thanks New Balance... This jacket actually GLOWS in the dark ... but lights up when light hits the reflective part.  It is also extremely visible from afar.  However, a partner, a hat, or a new pair of shoes might be your thing.  Come out and find one and let's GO!

Have more questions or comments? Want to share what gets you out the door in the winter?

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