Change starts in your thoughts!

Tell someone goals

I read a quote this morning that really spoke to me .. "Change doesn't start in your actions, it starts in your thoughts."

Yes... that makes perfect sense.  Whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon or end a relationship or start a new career or have sweet potato fries instead of regular... it starts with your thoughts.

Are you telling yourself positive things to get there?  Are you making a plan or are you discouraging yourself before you even get started?  I have people telling me all of the time that they could NEVER run a marathon ... never, ever.  Well...why not?  If you can get up and walk to the mailbox and back and then around the block and then... well.. the sky is the limit.  As I watch our No Boundaries 5K peeps complete their 5K's and then go on to do another 5K ... I am just bursting with pride... AND... so are they!  It started with their thought... Could I? Should I? And they DID!  Their NoBo tee shirts say it all... Change Everything!!

When people tell me... " I can tell that you are a runner..." I think .. who ME?  I'm a runner? An athlete?  No... I'm not that... I just pretend to be.  Hmmmm... It is a good reminder to think positive things about my body instead of all the things I would like to change.  It's hard o stop thinking negative thoughts.. so instead ... flood your mind with positive ones and leave NO room for bad thoughts.  Change does, INDEED, begin in your positive thoughts.  

If you think of it positively ... YOU CAN DO IT!  What's your next challenge?  Pick a goal ... write it down ... and then ...your next step is to tell someone and think positively about getting it done!  Oh yeah...


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