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How Do You Hydrate?

DID YOU KNOW? Dehydration is the leading cause of training injuries. Dehydration hinders every bodily function needed to run. A 2% decrease in body weight caused by dehydrati… Read More

"PT ON CALL" is back for MARCH!

"PT ON CALL" Are you injured?  Don't know whether you can run/play sports or if you should really see a doctor?  Do you need a quick consult?  Having some IT pain?  Come… Read More

Support Our Wounded Troops SALE

  Support Our Wounded Troops Sale  Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore is proud to support Balega International in selling the Physical Training socks.  Money from the sale of this … Read More

Water and Your Body

Ten Things Thursday: Water & Your Body By Vishal Patel           Consuming an adequate amount of water every day can serve many roles in keeping y… Read More

Outrunning the Seasonal Blues!

Lighten Up How to outrun the blues during the season of plunging temps and zero motivation. January 4, 2011 It may have started in early November, when clocks fell back, dayli… Read More