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Light Up Your Run

The days are getting shorter, and if you run or walk in the morning, your workouts are probably starting in the dark. The goes for running after work or scho… Read More

Sport Gels Can Improve Marathon Times?

A recent study published by the New York Times shows that taking sports gels at specific times during the marathon can enhance and improve finish times! Click HERE for the entire article. &… Read More


Are you a #FITNATIC? Or perhaps you #ILoveAFITNATIC? If your most expensive pair of shoes are running shoes or you have a snack drawer full of GU or protein bars - then you just might … Read More

Top 5 Running and Walking Injuries

TOP 5 RUNNING AND WALKING INJURIES 1. Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis is a very common injury that athletes and non-athletes can experience. Some of the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis are… Read More

Advice on the Run

Thanks to Steph Blozy - Fleet Feet Sports Hartford for some of this content! It catches me by surprise every year around this time.  Those seemingly endless summer days and the slower-… Read More

Super Food in Hand!

How about adding an addition to your nutritional line-up this summer?: Hüma Energy Gel. Hüma Energy Gel uses chia seeds, an ancient superfood, to fuel runners across the miles. … Read More

Change starts in your thoughts!

I read a quote this morning that really spoke to me .. "Change doesn't start in your actions, it starts in your thoughts." Yes... that makes perfect sense.  Whether you want to lose … Read More

Running Increases Sex Appeal?

The folks at Brooks recently connected with runners across the country to find out what their sport means to them.  How do your answers compare with those of the majority of runners? &#… Read More