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Advice on the Run

Thanks to Steph Blozy - Fleet Feet Sports Hartford for some of this content! It catches me by surprise every year around this time.  Those seemingly endless summer days and the slower-… Read More

Super Food in Hand!

How about adding an addition to your nutritional line-up this summer?: Hüma Energy Gel. Hüma Energy Gel uses chia seeds, an ancient superfood, to fuel runners across the miles. … Read More

Change starts in your thoughts!

I read a quote this morning that really spoke to me .. "Change doesn't start in your actions, it starts in your thoughts." Yes... that makes perfect sense.  Whether you want to lose … Read More

Running Increases Sex Appeal?

The folks at Brooks recently connected with runners across the country to find out what their sport means to them.  How do your answers compare with those of the majority of runners? &#… Read More

Summer Hydration Tips

With summer just around the corner, and the weather becoming warmer and more humid, it’s a great time to review hydration basics before you set out to train for your next event or spend … Read More

CWX Compression @ its BEST!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Built in joint and muscle support System gently targets key areas in the legs  Increased stability Helps with alignment Added shock absorption Overall muscle e… Read More

"PT ON CALL" is back for MAY!

"PT ON CALL" Are you injured?  Don't know whether you can run/play sports or if you should really see a doctor?  Do you need a quick consult?  Having some IT pain?  Come… Read More

How Do You Hydrate?

DID YOU KNOW? Dehydration is the leading cause of training injuries. Dehydration hinders every bodily function needed to run. A 2% decrease in body weight caused by dehydrati… Read More