Just like the Fleet Feet Sports community at large, our employees @ Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore have a passion for pursuing an active lifestyle and a desire to make a difference. We work hard, but it is a labor of love. Our team enjoys inspiring others to get moving and is focused on positive change in our community.  If you want the satisfaction of waking up each day knowing you can make a difference, we hope you'll consider joining our team.  

Before you consider filling out our employment application, we have some things for you to think about.  Are you right for Fleet Feet Sports? Are we right for you?

Are you available on EVENINGS and WEEKENDS? In this business, evenings and weekends (SUNDAY AND SATURDAY!) are a KEY TIME when many of our customers shop and stop by the store for one of our many fun runs and seminars.  We are open on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Saturdays until 6pm.  Tuesday/Thursday until 7pm and Sunday we are open from 12noon - 5pm!

Are you a team player? Fleet Feet Sports is like a family and we work closely with each other, sometimes under stress.

Are you willing to learn new things? People know us as the FIT experts. “FIT” does not just refer to shoes but all of our products and our services. You’ll need to make an effort to get educated about all of our products, so that you can deliver the highest level of service our guests have come to expect.

Do you pay attention to the little things? It’s the thoughtful little touches that make a “specialty” store so special, like remembering a frequent guests’ name or what type of shoe they run in. Going an extra mile for a guest by staying open late or rush shipping them a pair of socks before a big race is what sets us apart. Fun little extras go a long way and make your job worth the effort.

Do you have a sales sense? Our customers appreciate learning about our products… from shoe technology to the importance of carrying a hydration pack. You should be comfortable (even passionate and excited!) about suggesting items people might enjoy.

Are you good at switching gears? When customer traffic slows, you will find yourself busy with stocking, cleaning and more. But when somebody walks in the door, your focus has to switch 100% to friendly customer service, even if you are behind in your other tasks.

Can you stay calm and friendly under pressure? Imagine providing superior customer care to 2 guests at the same time (with your other team members doing the same) while 5 more guests are waiting. They all want the same level of attention and care, they want it in a timely fashion and they want you to be friendly and appreciative. Things can get very busy here and there is always other work to be done. Expect a fast pace for hours on end.

Are you patient and eager to serve people? We expect team members to take a friendly attitude towards customers-to smile and greet them as soon as they walk in, to make conversation with all kinds of people, to serve their needs, to take time and care for them. If you feel shy or awkward about talking with strangers or if you are not willing to serve guests (even touch their feet) you might not like it here.

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, then you're a great FIT.

If you are interested please send the following information to Bobby Levin  - to apply:

1. A current resume with a short cover letter describing why you would like to work at Fleet Feet and why you think you are the right "fit." Include any retail or sales experience.

2. Complete our employment application, confirming your schedule and availability -- hours, days, etc. that you are available to work. You must be able to work SUNDAY and Saturday and evenings until 7pm.

You may also download an application by clicking HERE:

If you would LOVE to come to work excited about what you do, just know that our employees are like FAMILY.  We LOVE helping people embark or continue on a healthy life style.

Come and join us ...

Current Openings : 

**Fit Specialist: Full-time/Part-time - Minimum 15 hours
This part-time position is focused on our retail floor servicing our customers. You will be trained in our Fit Processes (shoes, insoles, sports bras and all other product). You will need to be flexible with your schedule (days and MUST be willing to work weekends). We offer extensive training and competitive pay in a fast-paced, energetic environment.

Assistant Buyer/Fit Specialist: Full or Part -Time - FILLED
Looking for someone who is analytical; interested in running gear/apparel/accessories; can work flexible hours since you will also get trained and work the retail floor to truly understand our business; WILL involve weekend hours.

Marketing/Social Media Assistant/Fit Specialist: FILLED
We are looking for someone who has an interest in marketing/social media and our business! This position would assist with overall store marketing and branding and work closely with staff/owners to develop and implement events. 

Training Program Coordinator: Full or Part-time - FILLED
This position is focused on helping organize and coordinate our many training programs. Helping out on the sales floor is part of this position as well.  Weekends and evenings are a must! 


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