At Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore, we are blessed with a team of people who are committed to working hard every day with every customer in an "Above and Beyond" way. We hope you always enjoy your experience in the store, and feel comfortable just stopping in to get to know us better, ask questions, and get engaged in all the activities that occur at the store and in our community.


Bobby Levin - Co-Owner - Business Manager/Jack of ALL Trades

Karen Levin - Co-Owner - Apparel Buyer/Jeff Galloway Program Director

Jeremy Levin - Manager - Shoe Buyer - Garmin Watch Specialist


Pat Spearman - Ass. Apparel Buyer

Ava Paul 

Brady Weller

Official Greeters:

Mr. Milo Levin - "Will talk for attention!  Pet me, Pet me!!"

Miss Lacey Levin - "I'm sweet but a little bit skittish! If Mr.Milo comes ... PET ME TOO!"

Fleet Feet Sports Baltimore's Team

Like our community at large, our employees have a passion for pursuing an active lifestyle and a desire to make a difference.  They all work hard, but it is definitely a labor of love.  

Our team enjoys inspiring others to get moving and is focused on positive change in our community and is committed to enhancing and growing our local running and walking communities to help achieve those goals. 

As you can see we DO have FUN on the run!!  Come on in and join us!!


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